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April, 2013

I've never received so many gifts as I have since coming to Korea! Monday, 1st of April, also happened to be Easter Monday and my economics co-teacher presented me with a Korean-style easter egg.

I received my first package from home! It came with some of the stuff that I couldn't fit in my suitcase as well as some chocolate for easter and three chicks (nice touch, mammy), which were added to the growing pet collection in our office.

Sejong City is still very much a work in progress. When I first arrived, my school was pretty much sitting in the middle of nowhere (still is, really). Construction all happens very quickly here, though,  so now it's not such barren land. There are even footpaths now! These footpaths come in very handy for the thirty minute walk through a building site to and from the bus stop.

The view (?) after getting off the bus

 Always more fun in the snow. Right?

These ones are from my walk down the hill after school one afternoon:

Nice piece of sculpture to start the journey.

Obstruction #1

 Earlier in the morning, when I walked under this bridge on the way to school, one of the poles fell from the scaffolding and something was on fire. Craic 90.

 Obstruction #2 - I walked into these poles more times than I care to discuss.

 Obstruction #3

 Sometimes they wave out of the windows of their diggers as I go by. It's pretty great!

Obstruction #4

Made it to the bus stop and waited with the lads!

I went back to Daegu one of the weekends and, on the Sunday, I met up with Chris and Mary and went to Duryu Park out where Gemma lives. There was some festival going on so it was good and busy. The sun was shining and cherry blossom trees were lining the paths. Good vibes!

 Koreans are all about their matching couples clothes. This couple have gone all out, flaunting their head-to-toe matching outfits on their tandem bike. Discuss.

My floor seat on the train home. Personal space isn't a real thing in Korea. We're all friends here!

I took my first trip back to Daejeon, since leaving orientation, and went to the Expo Park. Again, it was nice to spend the day soaking up the sunshine and hanging out with more new friends, who do actually exist, despite their absence in the following photos. But, sure look, we're all guilty of the odd touristy scenic photo.


Fairly sure of themselves here in the Very Very Good-Mart.

In April, I started my Korean classes. My economics co-teacher gave me a copy book to practice my writing. There are no words to express my love for the pirate bear and pirate penguin gracing the cover.

Clever marketing. How could anyone resist?

They have festivals for absolutely everything here. This one was particularly thrilling, no doubt.

This woman made my whole week! I got up to give her my seat on the bus one morning and, as a thank you, she insisted on holding my backpack for me. She pretty much pulled it off my back and cuddled it the whole way to school!

Soldiers on the bus.

One evening, after school, we had a staff dinner in Gongju. We ate across the road from the fortress and, after dinner, went and climbed the hill and walked around. It was interesting to be back in Gongju, the home of the first weekend's love motel, considering how nicely things had changed and worked out, accommodation wise.
Me and Won Yeong, one of the English teachers in my school.

Having the craic, as usual, with my main co-teacher, Chong Nim.

I quickly figured out that bus tends to come a few minutes early on Friday mornings. I, however, time my arrival at the bus stop to the second. As you can imagine, this doesn't always work in my favour. One morning, after missing the bus by mere milliseconds, I was chatting to Ailbhe back home in Ireland. She successfully kept me entertained while I waited the thirty minutes until the next bus.

The best chopsticks to ever exist ever.

 I was sick one day in school and had to go to the nurse's office. Proper hospital stuff here! The bed was so comfortable and had an electric blanket. When I was in school, the sick bay was rather reminiscent of Harry Potter's cupboard under the stairs.  I was slyly upset when my teacher offered to drive me home!  

More gifts from teachers in school!

I received my first birthday present from home, two weeks ahead of time! Shouts to Brian, Louise and Gran Kay for  their seriously impressive organisation skills!

I started teaching music classes in April. They were so much fun! Of course, I started with the most important topic.

My co-teacher, Chong Nim planted vegetables out in the school's garden. Now we have more tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and aubergines than we know what to do with. I often help her to water them and pick them and, in return, she feeds me! Team work!

On the last weekend in April, I travelled to Daegu to celebrate Katie's birthday. They grow up so fast!
I decorated her for her birthday because I'm all kinds of a good friend.

Sulking because my friends weren't replying to her voice messages asking to hear their accents. Cheek!

 Nicole, Katie and I stood at this window, watching the doughnuts being glazed, for such an embarrassingly long time that the staff started laughing at us.

My train home. This woman is just short of sitting on my lap. Two and a half hours later, my legs were a myth. Numb is not the word.

And, lastly, April was the month that I was introduced to the wonderful world of Snapchat. I'm quite the professional, as you can see.

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