Friday, 26 July 2013

March, 2013

After the drama of the school dormitory and the love motel in Gongju, I was more than happy to move to my new apartment in Jochiwon. Jochiwon is a grand little area, it's a good base for travelling as it's right in the centre of the country; it's an hour and a half from Seoul, twenty minutes from both Cheonan and Daejeon and two and a half hours from Daegu. These pictures were taken when I first arrived, it's not so bare now!

This is my washing machine. I still just guess.

I went on the first of many trips to Daegu to see the crew. We had a great night which, of course, ended with karaoke. It was so nice to see everyone after we parted ways at orientation.

The last weekend in March took me to Busan for the Holi Hai Festival on Haeundae Beach. Again, it was a great time as there's always fun to be had when us waygookins (foreigners) get together. On Saturday, a group of us went for lunch in a nearby restaurant. There were six of us so we ordered six glasses, or so we thought, of fruit soju. We accidentally ordered six jugs.. Soju is like Korea's version of Tesco vodka and is made from rice. Needless to say, we did not do any sight seeing that day.

This dog outside the restaurant needs to calm down being so stylish.

Sunday was the day of the Holi festival so we all made our way down to the beach. We spent the afternoon drinking, dancing and lashing coloured paint and powder all over each other. An afternoon well spent.

After my best attempts to get clean, I got the on the train, with multi-coloured hair and arms, and made my way back to Jochiwon. Here's proof:

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